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: Severe dislike
: Neutral
: Acquaintance
: Friend
: Trust
: Protective
: Family, familial love
: Romantic love


- Aang is the Avatar
- Zuko spent roughly six months trying to capture him
- And even longer just trying to find him
- It was all about Zuko's honor
- But eventually, Zuko decided that helping the Avatar bring balance to the world was more important than earning his father's love and approval
- Besides, Zuko had a great father in Iroh!
- That being said, Aang and Zuko are pretty different
- Like day and night
- Or maybe like fire and air
- When they're together, they often fall prey to immaturity
- And sometimes, Zuko is too selfish to help Aang
- But when it really counts, Zuko has Aang's back
- They like to share the occasional dance together
- Not that Zuko will ever admit to it being a dance
- "It's an ancient firebending form!"
- Known as "The Dancing Dragon"
- But it's okay
- Aang will dance with Zuko any time!
- Zuko met Aang again!
- He was pretty to see Aang alive
- Many deep discussions were had
- As per usual
- There was that one time where Aang was magnetically stuck to Zuko's back....
- That was pleasant
- Real enjoyable
- Okay, it wasn't enjoyable at all
- Aang laughed at his forced participation in the pageant
- So Zuko picked a job for Aang
- Obviously so Aang could practice bending
- In return, Aang picked a job for Zuko
- He meant to pick a waiter job
- He did not
- He picked firebreathing for Zuko
- Even though he promised not to out Zuko as a Firebender
- Later, snow wars were had

Text information

Text information

- Katara is the last waterbender of the Southern Water Tribe
- So obviously, Zuko invaded said Water Tribe
- At least he didn't burn the place down
- It took a long time for them to become friends
- Because Zuko was always attacking her since she was in cahoots with Aang
- Despite all his screw ups, Katara was the first person to trust Zuko
- Must have been something to do with his Missing Mom
- After gaining her trust, he stupidly lost it by siding with his sister
- Then they were enemies-ish again
- More stuff happened culminating in Zuko joining Team Avatar
- Katara was icy toward him, though
- Even after everyone else seemed to trust him except Katara
- When Zuko questioned her about this, she pointed out how he'd earned her trust and then stomped all over it
- Oops
- Even protecting her from falling rocks didn't help
- So to make it up to her, Zuko took her on a Life Changing Field Trip
- Goal: find the man who killed Katara's mother and kill him
- Best goal ever, Zuko
- After the field trip, Zuko re-earned Katara's trust
- Zuko once dove in front of lightning to protect Katara
- But that was his own fault for egging his sister on
- And Katara's for being too close
- But the last three don't even matter because Zuko is from two episodes prior
- Zuko met Katara!
- And so of course, had a group hug with her and Suki
- And then he was magnetically stuck to Katara's chest
- And on some random Fandom planet, the Kataang shippers exploded
- It's okay, though
- Zuko doesn't like Katara like that
- Or does he?
- Secret: he doesn't
- For now
- For now?

Text information

Text information

Text information

- Suki is a Kyoshi Warrior
- Master of stealth and strength
- She used to live on Kyoshi Island
- But then Zuko invaded
- Naturally, he burned the village down to the ground
- Suki's still probably mad about that
- Zuko later learned that Suki was Sokka's girlfriend!
- It was about six until they saw each other again
- He met Suki again inside The Boiling Rock
- Aka, Fire Nation's high-security prison for those who committed treason
- Zuko didn't recognize Suki without her makeup
- He also didn't realize he'd burned down her village
- For him, it was Tuesday
- After he and Sokka rescued her, they (re?)initiated Suki into Team Avatar
- Suki kept trying to have romantic moments with Sokka
- But Zuko accidentally kept ruining them
- He's a pro like that
- Zuko met Suki!
- And so of course, had a group hug with her and Suki
- Also, he was glad to see her again
- Didn't have that awkward moment of "Oh, I burned down your village?"

Text information

Ty Lee
Text information

Text information

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- Exchanged names
- Calls her by her full name in hopes of not getting a nickname in return
- Feels an unconscious attachment to her, what with her being a sun goddess
- Apparently willing to defend her from ponies
- Knows Amaterasu had tea with his uncle
- Knows Amaterasu isn't a regular wolf
- And that she has lots of babies scattered throughout the stars
- Knows that her father picked her name and humans continued using it
- And that when she was born, her mother was already gone
- Eventually, she told Zuko she was a goddess
- Of the sun
- That was a shock to Zuko
- He also saw first hand via video that she could heal blindness
- And wondered if she could do the same for Toph
- Not that Toph would take up that offer
- Anyway, he really admires Amaterasu

- Did not exchange names
- The first talking pony he encountered
- Secretly finds her accent endearing
- Talked about the effects of being power-hungry

Renee Cardiff-Shishio
- Did not exchange names
- Spoke briefly about the Improbability Drive
- Discussed whether or not scientists were old men off their rockers

Princess Celestia
- Did not exchange names
- Feels an unconscious attachment to her, what with her having a relation to the sun
- They arrived on the Thor the same week
- She told Zuko about the hostility from the aliens toward refugees
- Also talked about humans being animals at their core
- Then!
- Zuko learned Celestia could control the position of the sun
- Cue awe
- Though he feels uneasy a pony has that kind of ability

Artemis Crock
- Exchanged names
- Felt rude because he made a girl introduce herself first
- Artemis informed him people from his world could in fact arrive
- She also told him that other ships like the Thor exist
- But then confirmed there was no way to communicate with them

- Did not exchange names
- More interested in her Garchomp than her sometimes
- Thinks she's pretty cool, too, though
- Jealous that she came from a world with dragons, even if they're rare
- Met Garchomp in person!
- Best
- Day
- Ever

Annie Eilenberg
- Did not exchange names with
- Surprised at her laziness, for a lack of a better word
- Tried to explain that she shouldn't believe everything she hears
- And the value of investigating something on your own
- Thinks she acts motherly

- Did not exchange names
- Finds her accent endearing
- Doesn't understand how she can keep so cool

- Did not exchange names
- Met him on the Konami planet
- In which Fenris was a bed sheet ghost
- Shenanigans ensued

- Exchanged names
- Fluttershy was his fellow peer for Rarity's pageant training
- He hates how shy she is
- But doesn't hate her
- Zuko has a hard time trying not to yell at her because she's so shy
- Really, he just wants what's best for her

Yuri George
- Did not exchange names
- Talked about the helpfulness of others

Yosuke Hanamura
- Did not exchange names
- And probably never will
- Wants to Firebend him in the face
- Finds him rude and generally unhelpful
- But doesn't find him to be a bad person
- Just an annoying teenage boy

Tohru Honda
- Exchanged names
- Thinks she has a bright smile

Minazuki Karen
- Did not exchange names
- The first person to talk to him on the Thor
- Helped explain the politics of the ship to Zuko

Mihael "Mello" Keehl
- Did not exchange names
- Probably never will, either, because it's Mello
- Talked about conflict
- Mello informed Zuko the conflict is evenly spread out

Leo the Black Lion
- Did not exchange names
- Talked about the oppression of refugees

- Did not exchange names
- Talked about the definition of "getting along"
- Finds her to be a pessimist
- Noi has left the Thor

Basch fon Ronenburg
- Did not exchange names
- Fellow war buddy

- Exchanged names
- How they're going so long without doing so is a mystery
- Finds her innocence endearing
- Learned Rapunzel grew up in a tower
- And that he was one of the few not reviled by that news
- Tried to use his Uncle's analogies with her
- Surprisingly, they worked
- Concerned about her wanting to hug strangers
- Zuko was surprised to hear she had fun with the magnetism Drive thing
- And talked about Rapunzel's hair
- Deep bonding experiences were had
- Basically, Zuko related to Rapunzel far too much
- They can be Mama's Boy and Mama's Girl together
- Turtleduck conversation!
- Zuko yelled at Rapunzel for her impersonating him badly
- And then ruined everything
- Rapunzel made Zuko accept her apology
- After forever, he finally did
- After some prodding, Rapunzel accepted Zuko's apology
- Even though she kept saying he wasn't wrong
- Later, they went to the REALLY HOT PLANET
- Zuko showed her all the things
- Like volcanoes and geysers

- Exchanged names
- Wanted to Firebend her in the face at first
- Irritated that she is so unaccepting of others
- Especially wolves
- And that she thinks all wolves are horrible
- Though he dislikes her, he thinks she's just ignorant as opposed to being a bad pony
- And then Rarity became his coach for the pageant contest
- Zuko was miserable
- Still, she was a pretty good coach!
- Even though she went MIA due to diamond fever

Neku Sakuraba
- Did not exchange names
- Probably won't, either
- Confirmed the lack of a war
- Knows that Neku prefers to keep few friends instead giant group of fake friends

Mikoto Uchiha
- Did not exchange names
- Talked about what happens to those who don't get along

Midii Une
- Did not exchange names
- How they're going so long without doing so is a mystery
- Went on a magical field trip with her
- Although they didn't technically go anywhere
- Talked about honor with her
- For a long time
- It was actually a pretty deep conversation
- Actually, here
- Attempted to comfort her when Quatre left the Thor
- With tea!
- Later he learned Midii can play the flute very well
- That conversation was awkward
- Zuko asked all the wrong questions
- As Zuko is prone to do
- But eventually, he patched things up again
- He also shared the fact he could play the Tsungi Horn

Kushina Uzumaki
- Exchanged names
- Kushina is trying to kidnap him
- Suspicious of her motives
- No one is naturally that energetic and nice, right?
- Knows she has a son
- Got invited to dinner
- Wants to learn how to do crazy cloning ninjutsu
- Can clearly see she's a good person and wonderful mother
- Reminds him of his own mother, only more fiery
- Possibly meaning he thinks Kushina belongs in the Fire Nation

Allen Walker
- Exchanged names
- Got Zuko's hopes up about there being no conflict
- Talked about the power of unity in a small scale vs a large scale

Shiki Eiki Yamaxanadu
- Did not exchange names
- Talked about law-enforcement and fairness in trials
- Rather pleased that she seems to be a fair judge

Last updated: December 05, 2011
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CHARACTER SERIES: Avatar: The Last Airbender

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1). Backtagging: Yes, please.
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1). Hugging this character: Go ahead. He's not 100% comfortable with it, but if your character knows him well enough, he'll most likely return it.
2). Kissing this character: Again, go ahead. But don't expect him to return it unless your character's name is Mai. And she's from the Fire Nation.
3). Flirting with this character: It'd be a waste of time and energy, but feel free! Most thing fly over Zuko's head unless it's gloomy flirting.
4). Fighting with this character: Well he is trained in firebending martial arts and dual swords. I'm not very good at writing action log with fighting, but I'm always willing to try!
5). Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Do you see his face? That's what his father did. Surely someone who hates him can do worse.
6). Killing this character: If gargleblasted's mods allow it, I'm all for it if the circumstances are believable.
7). Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: I don't mind at all.
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Permanent AC Post

Date of Arrival
October 15, 2011

Zuko's Guide

[01] Dual Dao Swords
[01] Portrait of Iroh
[01] Iroh's smelly sandal
[01] Crown Prince Headpiece
[01] Royal Headpiece
[01] Tea joke shop coupon from Rapunzel used to cockblock his kiss
[01] Book entitled 10,001 Tea Jokes
[01] Tsungi horn from Santa Claus for Christmas
[01] Adorable tea set from Midii for Christmas
[01] Hand-knit black and red patterned scarf with his name embroidered on it in gold from Rapunzel for Christmas
[01] Hand-knit black hat with a flame embroidered on it in red from Rapunzel for Christmas

Job History
October 2011:
    ↳ Unemployed
November 2011:
    ↳ [Minimum] The Miss S.S. Thor Pageant needs beautiful contestants (11-03-11 through 11-30-11)
December 2011:
    ↳ [Somewhat Decent] Eructo Tourism Department needs firebreathers (12-02-11 through 12-31-11)
January 2012:
    ↳ [Minimum] The S.S. Thor needs high school students (01-03-12 through 01-31-12)
    ↳ [Somewhat Decent] S.S. Thor Labs needs participants for a study on sleep deprivation (01-03-12 through 01-31-12)
    ↳ [Somewhat Decent] The Black Hole Cult needs hawkers of black hole merchandise (01-17-12 through 01-31-12)
February 2012:
    ↳ [Somewhat Decent] Coming Soon! (02-xx-12 through 02-29-12
March 2012:
    ↳ [College] Coming Soon! (03-xx-12 through 03-31-12)

Room #
The Stowaways: 3-30 (10-15-11 through 11-26-11)
The Deckswabbers: 4-6 (11-26-11 through presemt)

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×Zuko deconflagration // Somewhat Decent Wage
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"Zuko here, but... I guess you already know that if you're trying to contact me. Anyway, I'm not here right now, so... well, if you've got something important to say, say it and I'll get back to you."
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Character Analysis


Full name: Zuko (蘇科)
Reason or meaning of name: In Chinese, "resurrected rule." In Filipino, "madness" or "angry." In another dialect, "surrender." Alternatively, this.
Nickname(s): Zuzu
Reason: His sister gave it to him. He doesn't like it.

P H Y S I C A L    A P P E A R A N C E

Age: 16
How old does he look: 16
Eye color: Amber
Glasses or contact lens: None
Hair color: Black
Wears hair how: ...So many styles. As a child, his hair is fairly long and past his shoulders. During that time, he wears it in a high ponytail. In book one, he shaved his head and wore the small square of hair left in a queue. At the beginning of book two, he chops off his queue as a symbol of cutting himself off from the Fire Nation and allows it to grow freely. After six long months, his hair is loose and shaggy. He occasionally wears it in a top-knot in book three once he returns home and when he's crowned Fire Lord. Before his rise to Fire Lord, he has a dream where he's a beautiful Fire Lord. He also has Date Hair.
Weight: ~140lbs
Height: ~5'5"
Type of body or build: Lean and muscular
Skin tone: Very pale
Race: Fire Nation
Shape of face: Egg-shaped. I mean oval. Long.
Distinguishing marks: Oh, not much. Just that giant charred burn scar covering two-fifths of his face.
Predominant feature(s): The scar. His amber eyes. His weird hairstyles.
Looks like: An angry, angsty teenager.
Is he healthy: Some...times.


Favorite color(s): Probably red.
Favorite music: There is no music in the Fire Nation! But most likely something traditional. And definitely not anything with the Tsungi Horn.
Favorite food: Heavily seasoned, spicy foods.
Favorite literature: No time for reading! But... probably history books.
Favorite expressions: All forms of angry faces. Oh wait. You meant words. Probably "AUUUUUGH" as he's the universe's plaything and gets thrown around a lot.
Favorite expletives: Probably "GRRRRR."


Smokes: No.
Drinks: No.
Hobbies: Tracking the Avatar. No, really.


Hometown: The Royal City of the Fire Nation Capitol.
Type of childhood: ...Um... well... it was not a pleasant one. His angst is very justified, lemme tell you. His mother disappeared when he was around ten or so. Before her disappearance, she was the only person who could protect Zuko from Azula's terrorizing behavior as Iroh was off at war. Zuko has always been the Unfavorite in his father's eyes, too. When he speaks out against a general who wants to sacrifice fresh meat troops, his father challenges his then thirteen-year-old son to an Agni Kai. Note that these duels are often to the death. And Zuko is thirteen. And spoke out against senselessly allowing people to die. So not only does Zuko's father permanently mar and disfigure his face, he adds salt to the wounds by banishing him from his country. As if that wasn't harsh enough, he offers his son redemption if Zuko can find and capture the Avatar. That might seem like it stops Ozai from being a complete monster, except the last time the Avatar was spotted was, oh, I don't know. One hundred years ago. And this is why Zuko is full of all sorts of confliction.
First memory: Probably something small. Like being in the garden with his mother.
Most important event that still affects character: Ev...erything. Mostly his scar. And the poor decisions he's made which resulted in what Zuko thought was his uncle's disappointment in him.
Why: Zuko made a lot of mistakes. Lots and lots of them. But it was because of those mistakes that Zuko ended up where he is now.
Education: He stopped receiving formal education around the age of thirteen. That certainly doesn't make him stupid. He knows a great deal about his country and his survival skills are great.
Religion: There's not much religion in his world. There's spirituality, which Zuko doesn't actively participate in. Though he does respect the spirits.
Practicing: Practicing what? Fighting? Firebending? Safe sex? If so, yes, yes,hopefully yes.
Why/why not: Who knows?
Financial: His family was the riches in his whole nation. Probably the third richest in the world. But once he was banned, he was reduced to... a not-so-luxurious life at sea. Then when he was further... banned... he lived in absolute poverty.


Mother: Ursa
Relationship with her: Zuko loves his mommy. She was the biggest positive influence in his childhood. She protected him from the terrors of Azula and Ozai and loved him unconditionally for who he was. She was his sturdy rock. When she disappeared in the middle of the night, it left Zuko traumatized and defenseless.
Father: Ozai
Relationship with him: Just... read the above. Ozai did all that to Zuko. But to continue from there, when Azula told Ozai that Zuko had killed the Avatar, Zuko was allowed to go back home. Ozai sort of appeared to hold respect for Zuko. Zuko even regained the title of Crown Prince. It was everything Zuko wanted but he still wasn't happy. Eventually, once Zuko finally became his own person, he called his old man out. Zuko told Ozai exactly what he thought about him: that he wasn't going to take orders from Ozai any longer; that all he wanted was for Ozai to love and accept him; how challenging a thirteen-year-old boy to an Agni Kai and banishing him was cruel and wrong; how his uncle Iroh had been more of a father than Ozai could ever hope to be. But Ozai tells Zuko that banishment isn't punishment enough for treason, and so the moment he is able to, he generates lightning with the intent of putting down his son for good. Not minding injuring, let alone killing your own flesh and blood... yeah.
Siblings: Azula
Relationship with them: It is very complicated. Zuko cares for her, enough that he feels genuine sorrow for her when he thinks she's going to die and when she's off her rocker in the finale. When not participating in war, they actually do get along fairly well. Azula has always been a better fire bender than him and Zuko spent most of his childhood struggling to catch up.
Others: His uncle, Iroh
Relationship with them: After his mother's disappearance, Iroh became the biggest influence in Zuko's life. When Zuko was banished from the Fire Nation, Iroh took a self-imposed banishment and went along with him. Iroh was always looking out for Zuko, doing his best to keep his nephew on the right path. All he ever wanted was for Zuko to be happy and in the end, they both came to think of their relationship as that of a father and son.


Most at ease when: He's most at ease whenever he's with Mai. Or his uncle... when Iroh isn't getting on his nerves.
Ill at ease when: 99% OF THE TIME. He's... very paranoid. And rightfully so.
Priorities: Before he finds himself, catching the Avatar and restoring his honor. After that, doing good for the world.
Philosophy: The fact he had to suffer and endure horrible things has made him who he is today.
How he feels about self: Like the biggest failure ever. He's getting over it, though.
Past failure he would be most embarrassed to have people know: He didn't speak out against Azula's plan to torch the Earth Kingdom.
If granted one wish, what would it be: To see his mother again.
Why: Because Zuko loves his mommy.


Greatest source of strength in character's personality (whether he recognizes it
as such or not):
The sun. Okay, okay. The fact that he has such a huge amount of determination and a desire to be a good person.
Greatest source of weakness in character's personality (whether he recognizes it
as such or not):
The moon. Okay, I'll stop! The fact that up until recently, it took forever for him to take advice to heart.
Character's soft spot: Children. Anyone suffering from war.
Is this obvious to others: Generally no, unless you've been around Zuko a while.
Biggest vulnerability: He can be easily taken advantage of and lied to, especially if it has to do with redemption.
Why: He used to want redemption so very badly, he'd have done nearly anything for it.


Is he an optimist or pessimist: Both. He feels the universe is completely against him, yet still believes it's possible he'll find the Avatar someday. Sadly, he needs to believe the latter as, at the time, it's all the hope he has left.
Introvert or extrovert: Introvert. He cannot express himself at all. Also, he's very bad at being good when he tries too hard.
Drives and motivations: Be a good person! Make Uncle proud!
Talents: Breakdancing. What? It's true. He's a pretty decent firebender, too. And he can redirect lightning. Right back into his father's face.
Good characteristics: Despite his initial arrogance, he really does care for the people around him.
Character flaws: He's had such a rough life that at one point, he can't even tell the difference between right and wrong.
Mannerisms: When he wants to be, he's very polite and folds his hands ever so gently. He also does this when he's embarrassed and doesn't know what to say (while he's sitting). However, when he's on his ship and looking for the Avatar, he's very stand-offish and in people's faces.
Peculiarities: He's willing to sniff a rogue sandal to see if it's Iroh's. And recognizes its stench.
Biggest regret: Choosing Azula over Iroh in the Crystal Catacombs. Though he knows it was an important decision that helped him grow.
Minor regrets: Believing Azula's lies.
Biggest accomplishment: Joining Team Avatar. Also, standing up to his father.
Minor accomplishments: He was able to set up a new life with Iroh.
His darkest secret: The fact that he's the Blue Spirit.
Who, if anyone knows about it: Aang, Zhao and Iroh.
How did this person discover it: Aang saw Zuko's scar when he was knocked unconscious; Zhao saw the Blue Spirit's dual Dao swords in Zuko's room; Iroh is Iroh, but it also helped that Zuko went "Uncle?" but Iroh knew way before that... because he's Iroh.

P E R C E P T I O N    O F    S E L F

One word your character would use to describe self: Determined
Complete description of how your character describes self: A person who has made a lot of mistakes. Someone who always gets back up after being knocked down. Someone who used to be arrogant and cocky but later became understanding.
What does your character consider best physical characteristic: Probably his legs so he can breakdance firebend.
Worst characteristic: He's really impatient. And unwilling to try new things "for fun."
Are these realistic assessments: Y...es?
How does your character think others perceive her: As some horrible monster for the most part. This is especially true of the Earth Kingdom.
What would your character change about self: The fact that he wavers too much when it comes to making the right decision sometimes.
Why: For... obvious reasons.

I N T E R R E L A T I O N    W I T H    O T H E R S

How does character relate with others: He can relate to others very well. He just can't communicate an express himself very well. Probably due to being unallowed to do so as a child. And, you know, when he spoke his mind that one time, he got a scar and was banished. Oops.
How is he perceived by...
Strangers: Because they don't know him, they generally find him to be a good person. Though if they recognize him as Ozai's son, their treatment of him becomes less... kind.
Friends: He's treated with a fair amount of respect.
Wife/husband/lover: Mai, his girlfriend, is just as emotionally repressed as he is. As such, they're a great match! They balance each other out very nicely.
Hero: Iroh.
Your character's first impression of hero: That he was a fat, slovenly old man who failed his nation at Ba Sing Se. Ouch.
Why: That's what he'd been told.
What happened to change his perception: He spent time with Iroh. And probably feels stupid about feeling that way about Iroh from time to time now.
What do friends/family like most about your character: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Well, his family, anyway. His friends like him because he has morals. And he care about people.
What do friends/family like least about your character: Even at the end of the series, Zuko still kind of thinks he's always right.


Immediate goals: CATCH THE AVATAR.
Long range goals: RESTORE HIS HONOR.
How does he plan to see these goals accomplished: By catching the Avatar to restore his honor. Except that all changes and he joins the Avatar's group. Oops.

P R O B L E M S / C R I S E S

How does he react in a crisis: He is very prepared. Even when Iroh has been kidnapped by Earthbenders, he's calm, cool and collected. He only panics when someone he loves (re: Iroh) is wounded. Then he freaks out like whoa.
How does he face problems: Head-on. Apply directly to the forehead.
How does your character deal with new problems: He assess them quickly and finds a solution.
How does your character react to change: Fairly well. Unless you're uprooting his life. Again. Or something.


Favorite clothes: Loose Fire Nation Robes.
Least favorite clothes: Fire Nation Armor.
Why: He's kind of tired of war.
Jewelry: Nah.
Drives: His feet. His ship. Sometimes hot air balloons.
Why: Because. How else will he follow the Avatar?
Place he wants to live: With his friends. And Iroh. Not so much his family anymore.
Why: ...Because he loves his friends and family?
Spending habits (frugal, spendthrift etc.): He is a very pragmatic spender. Buying only what he needs.
Why: It's stupid to buy stuff you don't need!
What does he do too much of: Frowning.
Too little of: Obviously smiling if the above is frowning.
Most prized possession: Iroh's sandal.
Why: Even if it isn't his, it belongs to Iroh. And Zuko loves Iroh.


Who does your character secretly admire: Since everyone in the entire world knows he admires Iroh, then probably Aang.
Person your character is/was most influenced by: ...I...roh...?
Why: Okay did you pay attention to any of the above?
Who is the most important person in her life before series starts: Iroh. He kind of thought his mom was dead.
Why: ...Just trust me on this.
How does character spend the week before the series starts: Looking for the Avatar. It didn't go so well.
What happened: He did not find the Avatar.
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Name: Raserei Hojo
Are you over 16?: Yup
Personal LJ: winterhorse
Email: lucaviitzaru [at] gmail [dot] com
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Character name: Zuko
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Timeline: Book 3, Chapter 17: The Ember Island Players
Age: 16~17
~*Magical*~ abilities and strengths: The series Avatar heavily focuses on benders who can manipulate one of the four elements (Water, Earth, Fire and Air) and "bend" it to their command. In Zuko's case, he is a Fire Bender and can create and manipulate fire. His ability to do so depends on if the sun is present, how intense it is and the state of affairs in his mind. Without a sun or if the sun is blocked, Zuko cannot create or manipulate fire at all. With a sun, his fire bending skills are intense. When his mind is heavily conflicted, his fire bending skills become negligible; present, but absolutely pitiful.

In addition to his natural gift to bend fire, Zuko is also highly skilled in the art of dual-wielding. He understands that the two broadswords are only half of a single whole substance and can use it for both offense and defense. So, if for whatever reason he can't firebend, he can resort to using his dual broadswords to take an enemy down.

How would they use their abilities?: Self-defense, the defense of others and possibly for other reasons like heating water.

Appearance: As Zuko is coming from near the end of book three, his appearance is different than it was in the beginning of the series. His hair, dark brown in color, is full and reaches past his nose. His eyes are golden, a trait of people from the Fire Nation. His clothing choices, when he's not forced to pretend he's a refugee in the Earth Kingdom, focuses on shades of reds; they also tend to be a robes over a shirt and a pair of pants. And, of course, what makes Zuko arguably the most identifiable person in the series is the huge burn mark on the left side of his face. That scar isn't going away any time soon.

Background/Personality: Zuko was the first born child of Ozai and Ursa and was grandson to Fire Lord Azulon, the leader of the Fire Nation. Two years after his birth, his sister Azula was born. Zuko was a fairly normal child with average abilities while in contrast, Azula was a highly gifted firebending prodigy. By the time Zuko had learned a few forms of proper firebending, Azula was miles ahead of him, having learned far more graceful forms of her own, producing much more fire, and in short beating her brother in every area possible.

Their father Ozai was fond of Azula and her abilities while at the same time was rather contemptuous toward Zuko. On the other hand, their mother Ursa was fond of Zuko and considered Azula and her manipulative personality "monstrous." Knowing that Ozai didn't love him as much as his sister, Zuko worked hard to outrank Azula however he could. It never really worked out.

Zuko put up with a lot of emotional abuse because of his sister. Azula would often tell him horrible lies (or occasionally blunt, horrific truths) and would sometimes play awful pranks on him. There were times when Zuko would imitate Azula's actions, like when she fed the turtle ducks by throwing a piece of bread as hard as she could at them, hard enough to make the poor things sink under water.

For the most part, he tried to avoid Azula, although their mother encouraged that they play together, if only for a short while a day. He had a mutual crush on one of Azula's friends, Mai, which continued into his teenage years. Iroh had spent 600 days away from the Fire Nation in an attempt to break down the great wall defending the Earth Kingdom's capital, Ba Sing Se. During that time away from home, Iroh sent Zuko a handsome knife with an inscription of "Never give up without a fight" and sent Azula a fine Earth Kingdom doll.

While still a child, Zuko had a fairly decent relationship with his paternal uncle Iroh. It was this pleasant relationship, along with the constant love of his mother, which enabled Zuko to maintain his honor later on in life. For while his family was full of traitors who lusted for war an destruction under the guise of "bettering the world," Zuko wanted peace. Azulon died when Zuko was roughly eleven-years-old. Instead of Iroh, the older of Azulon's two sons, becoming Fire Lord, it was Zuko's father who became Fire Lord instead. It was during that time in which Zuko's mother mysteriously disappeared—banished from the Fire Nation for even more mysterious "treasonous crimes."

When Zuko was around thirteen-years-old, a meeting in the War Room happened. All of the Fire Nation's greatest generals and admirals were there. Zuko, as Crown Prince and heir to the throne, wanted to participate. After all, it was he who would be on the throne someday; it was only fair to learn how it was done. The guards refused to allow him entrance, but his uncle Iroh allowed him inside as long as Zuko promised not to talk.

One of the generals proposed a plan which would most like guarantee victory at the price of sacrificing many able-bodied Fire Nation soldiers. Essentially, they were using a fresh platoon squad as bait while attacking with a far more experienced troop from the rear. Zuko broke his promise to his uncle and lectured the general about how wrong it was to sacrifice the very people fighting for a country they loved.

Feeling insulted, the general who proposed the plan challenged Zuko to an Agni Kai—a combination of martial arts and fire bending. Zuko gladly accepted, confident he would win. When the time came to challenge the general, Zuko turned to face his opponent, shocked to find that it wasn't the general but his father instead. Unable to fight his father out of love, Zuko dropped to his knees and begged for forgiveness. Fire Lord Ozai urged Zuko to fight him, saying it would be disrespectful otherwise. By insulting the general in the War Room, Zuko had also insulted his father. When Zuko still refused, Ozai, determined to teach his son respect, firebent right in his son's face, leaving the left side permanently disfigured. In addition to that, Ozai banished Zuko from the Fire Nation and gave him a mission: if Zuko wanted to return home with honor and to regain his father's love, he would have to find the Avatar, master of all four elements who disappeared a hundred years ago and was the only person capable of ruining the Fire Nation's plans.

Zuko accepted his fate. He acquired a Fire Nation naval ship and his own crew, then set out to find the Avatar. Iroh decided to accompany his nephew to look out for him and to help keep Zuko on the path of goodness.

For two and a half long years, Zuko searched for the Avatar with his uncle by his side. He never gave up because searching for the Avatar gave him hope, something Zuko desperately needed. He searched logical places first, places where the Avatar, being an Air Nomad, would likely be, then eventually moved his search elsewhere to remote locations.

Despite being a decently knowledgeable firebender, Iroh insisted on teaching Zuko the basics of firebending along their journey. While it irritated Zuko, it was very important for him; no one can progress with anything without a good foundation. So Iroh pounded the fact that firebending comes from the breath into Zuko's head and made sure Zuko practiced basic forms, to help Zuko keep and protect his root—essentially his balance and half of his ability to firebend—in battle.

One day, while at the South Pole, Zuko's luck finally changed. He found the Avatar! But finding the Avatar was only part of his goal; he needed apprehend him and bring him back to the Fire Nation. Sadly, the Avatar escaped from him. That didn't wet Zuko's hope, though. In fact, he was more determined than ever to catch the Avatar and regain his honor.

Eventually, Zuko wasn't alone in his search for the Avatar. General Zhao of the Fire Nation had learned that the Avatar was alive. Suddenly, Zuko's goal suddenly became a competition; a race to see who could kidnap the Avatar first. Zuko, insulted by Zhao's contemptuous attitude, challenged him to and Agni Kai. Because of Iroh's tutelage, Zuko won because he broke Zhao's root in battle. When given the same opportunity to burn and disfigure Zhao's face, Zuko declined. As a reward for not finishing him off, Zhao attacked Zuko while the latter's back was turned, only to be blocked by an angry Iroh. When Zuko marched back over to Zhao, ready to finish him, Iroh managed to convince Zuko not to taint his victory.

Time passed and Zhao and Zuko crossed paths many times, often getting in each other's way. At one point, Zuko took on the appearance of The Blue Spirit by wearing a blue mask and wearing a body suit which covered everything but his face. It is with this disguise that Zuko kidnapped the Avatar away from Zhao's possession, though his identity is found out by the Avatar. At another point, Zhao tried to kill Zuko via "accident," but Zuko miraculously survives. This incident brought Iroh and Zuko closer together, both as a team and as uncle and nephew.

As time passed, Zuko's crew grew upset with their Banished Prince. They were tired of the way Zuko was ordering them around and how he acted like the Avatar was more important than anything. Iroh sat the crew down and told them the story of how Zuko got his scar and how he was trying to regain honor. The crew was surprised and one even admitted he thought Zuko had gotten that scar in a training accident and not from his father. During a terrible storm the same night, Zuko, unaware that his uncle had told the crew anything, proved that he did care for his crew by saving one of their lives. Even though he was banished, he still maintained the attitude he had as a child: no one deserved to be sacrificed. The crew spotted the Avatar flying over their ship and instead of ordering pursuit, Zuko instead ordered the ship to safety.

Later on, several a few months after the discovery of the Avatar, Zuko and Iroh work to kidnap the Avatar before Zhao does once more. During the siege of the North Pole, which was populated with waterbenders and was attacked by the Fire Nation, Zuko took a different route while Iroh watched from afar and wished him luck, offering him advice on how to keep warm in the icy waters.

Zuko made his way to the Spirit Oasis of the North Pole where the Avatar just happened to be. After defeating Katara, one of the Avatar's friends in addition to being a waterbender, Zuko kidnapped the Avatar and escaped upward and into a blizzard. The Avatar, unable to move at all due to his mind being in the Spiritual World at the time, went along quietly.

The whole escaping into the blizzard thing was a terrible idea and something Iroh would later on lecture Zuko about on more than one occasion. While Zuko was very smart and did kidnap the Avatar, he had absolutely nowhere to go with him because he failed to think things through. Due to the blizzard, he eventually had to take himself and the Avatar to safety in a small cavern. While there, the Avatar regains consciousness and soon after tells Zuko that had things been different (ie Zuko not hunting him down) that they could have been friends. The Avatar's friends arrived shortly after that and easily defeated a rather exhausted Zuko.

Fire Lord Ozai heard of his son's failure and his brother's treachery and proceeded to entrust the task of capturing the Avatar to his daughter Azula. In the mean time, he also branded both his son and his brother Iroh as traitors to the Fire Nation.

Of course, he conveniently forgot to tell Zuko and Iroh of their new status.

Azula made her way to a Fire Nation colonial town where Zuko and Iroh were regrouping. As luck would have it, that day was the third anniversary of Zuko's scarring. Apparently, Azuka had come with wonderful news: Ozai missed his son and wanted him back. Zuko, overjoyed that his father missed him so much, willingly believed Azula's lie. Iroh was not convinced, but when Zuko threatened to leave with Azula whether Iroh came along or not, Iroh acquiesced.

When boarding the ship, Azula commanded the captain to point the ship toward "home." The idiot captain in return announced to everyone on the ship that they were taking the "captives" home. Azula got pissed and began to attack, but didn't expect to be blocked by—wait. So after Zuko and Iroh teamed up to fight the ship's crew, they ran away from the Fire Nation Colony. Near a river, they denounced their heritage as Fire Nation and, using the knife Iroh had given him as a child, cut off the buns in their hair—a mark of Fire Nation, to finalize it. Because this left Zuko's head bald save for a small square patch of hair, Zuko shaved it off and allowed his hair to grow out normally over the next few months.

From then on, Zuko and Iroh lived as fugitives.

Zuko had a rough time trying to survive as a fugitive. Iroh did as well, but he was far more jolly and optimistic about it. Zuko's fishing trips tended to yield a single, bite-sized fish. Iroh, on the other hand, wanted to make tea from the flowers and leaves in the forest. Upon experimenting with some flowers, Iroh mistook a poisonous flower for a tea herb and ended up with a horrible rash. Though Iroh announced he may die without sounding concerned, Zuko was concerned. They made their way to a small village and for the first time, Zuko was forced to mingle with Earth Kingdom people instead of threatening to kill them all.

One of the people who lived in the village took a liking to Iroh and Zuko especially and treated Iroh's rash for free. She then invited them to stay for dinner. Zuko and Iroh were appreciative, but when they left, Zuko stole the family's ostrich bird. When Iroh lectured Zuko, saying that the family had already been so kind and generous, Zuko says it wouldn't hurt them to be a bit more generous. Though Iroh clearly disagrees with Zuko, he allows Zuko to steal the mount and the two continue their journey.

They eventually ran out of money and Iroh resorted to singing and dancing for money while Zuko sat beside him, embarrassed. When a villager harasses Iroh in exchange for a gold piece coin, Zuko became furious. He donned the disguise of The Blue Spirit once again and began to steal from villagers, but never killed or harmed them too severely. Iroh became suspicious of all of this food Zuko had magically acquired, but Zuko keeps The Blue Spirit and his methods secret from his uncle. Iroh tried to subtly explain to Zuko that even if they could somehow capture the Avatar that nothing would change; Zuko would probably still remain the Banished Prince. He also pointed out that if it did somehow work out, it wouldn't be what Zuko wanted.

After mulling over Iroh's speech, Zuko came to a conclusion. He later told his uncle they had nothing to gain by staying together anymore. Zuko took the ostrich horse and left his uncle in the village.

Zuko rode his stolen ostrich horse throughout the Earth Kingdom, the place that had always been marked "the enemy" in his mind, and tried to deal with life in general. While using the last of his money to buy two bags of feed (yes, he was that desperate), he came across a group of Earth Soldiers harassing the village. Zuko was annoyed that the soldiers were doing such a thing when they were supposed to be protecting the people. As such, he stood up to them, ready to fight them, but the soldiers backed off. A child named Lee thanked Zuko and invited him back to his home for a hot meal and a warm place to stay; Zuko gladly accepted.

Zuko spent the day helping Lee's family with chores while the entire time, Lee pestered him with questions like "What's your name?" "Where are you from?" "Where are you going?" "How did you get that scar?" Zuko did his best to evade the questions.

At night, when Zuko was asleep, Lee sneaked into the shed where Zuko is and stole his twin broadswords. Lee then went out to the field to practice with them. It wasn't long before Zuko was standing behind Lee. Instead of yelling at the little boy for stealing, Zuko instead taught him that the twin blades were part of a whole; you can't think of him as separate parts. With this information, Lee gets better at practicing with Zuko's swords.

The next day, Zuko prepared to leave when surprise, surprise, the same Earth Kingdom soldiers were back, this time to taunt and harass the family. As it turned out, Lee's older brother had been captured along with the rest of his battle battalion. The soldiers showed no remorse when giving this news. Lee's father decided to join the army to see if he could find his older son. When the family asked Zuko to stay longer, he declined, insisting that he had to move on. Instead, he secretly gave Lee the knife Iroh had given him many years ago, then proceeded to leave the village.

It wasn't long before Lee's mother ran up to Zuko and asked him to return. She explained that Lee threatened the soldiers (who came back again) with a knife and that she didn't even know where Lee had gotten the knife. Out of guilt and responsibility, Zuko returned to the family's farming house. Zuko challenged the cruel soldiers and fought them using his dual swords. Though as talented as he was, Zuko couldn't beat them with swords alone, especially when one of the soldiers was an Earthbender, which put Zuko at a disadvantage. Zuko remembered the last words his mother said to him, "Never forget who you are." Those words encouraged Zuko to drop his charade and firebend. His firebending won him the duel, but at a great price; the family he had been trying to protect was now terrified of him. Lee's mother refused to let Zuko anywhere near her son and Lee returned Zuko's dagger, shouting that he hated Zuko.

And so, Zuko left the farming house with his dagger after the harsh lesson that the people of the Earth Kingdom hate him just because he was from the Fire Nation. If they knew he was the prince of it, banished or not, Zuko knew they would hate him even more.

Some time later, Zuko came across his sister and the Avatar. It was a test of Zuko's loyalty to the Fire Nation as a whole and Zuko's loyalty to his uncle. By attacking the Avatar, he would be stomping all over the love and faith Iroh had in him. By attacking Azula, he was making his banishment from the Fire Nation even worse. Before he was even able to make his decision, Azula attacked him and the fight turned into a three-way brawl. Zuko was no match for his sister and Azula eventually knocked him out.

Iroh, who had been tracking his nephew the entire time, shakes Zuko out of unconsciousness. The Avatar was then joined by several of his friends, and Team Avatar along with Zuko and Iroh push Azula into a corner. Azula, mischievous as ever, surrendered. While the group was stunned, Azula launched a surprise lighting-based attack at Iroh. It hit home and brought him down hard. In retaliation, Team Avatar and Zuko launched their strongest attacks at Azula at the same time, but Azula blocked it and disappeared.

With the fight over, Zuko ran to his fallen uncle, desperately trying to think of what to do. Team Avatar hesitantly made their way over as well and Katara, the Waterbender Zuko defeated at the North Pole, offered to help with healing water. Zuko, angry and confused and worried all at once, closed out Katara's words and demanded that they leave him and his uncle alone. Team Avatar does so, but not without worried glances back.

Thankfully, Iroh survived the ordeal. Zuko bandaged his uncle up and made some tea to help make his uncle feel better. The tea was awful, as Iroh learned the hard way, and when Zuko poured him a second cup, Iroh sneakily tossed it out the window. Zuko explained to his uncle that Azula would be back and that if he was going to stand a chance then he needed to learn more advanced firebending. Zuko, knowing his uncle well, prepared himself for an argument. After all, Azula was family; it was wrong to risk killing your blood or anyone else for that matter. To his great surprise, Iroh agreed with Zuko with a firm "She's crazy and needs to go down" and agreed to teach him more advanced firebending techniques.

Iroh began Zuko's lesson with a pot of tea and explaining how to create lightning. The point was to use the energy all around you, both positive and negative. A Firebender was supposed to create an imbalance between the two energies by separating them, and then act as a guide for when the two energies came crashing back together. The act required a calm mind (hence the tea, Zuko imagined) and a humble attitude. Iroh demonstrated the movement and created electricity. When Zuko mimicked the movements, he didn't create anything. Despite that, Zuko continues forward and pushes his hand forward; instead of lightning, fire explodes in his face.

Zuko may have been humbled, but he certainly wasn't calm an free of turmoil.

So instead, Iroh chose to teach Zuko something slightly different, a technique Azula didn't know because he made it up himself. He began with a lesson on the four elements which irritated Zuko and reminded him of the Avatar. But Iroh insisted that learning about the four elements and the cultures of those who used them would make Zuko whole. The two of them practice waterbending moves, which were far more slower and more graceful than firebending. Iroh explained that waterbending dealt with the flow of energy; that one could turn an opponent's energy against them, something Iroh learned to do with lightning.

Confident that he was ready, Zuko asked Iroh to shoot lightning at him. Iroh refused; lightning was too dangerous. On the night of the storm when Zuko saved that crew member's life, not even Iroh had managed to properly redirect lightning without getting hurt. As luck would have it, a storm was brewing and Zuko decided if Iroh wouldn't give him lightning that he'd find his own lightning.

Zuko made his way to the highest ground available and begged for the lightning to strike at him. The world had always thrown everything at Zuko, so why not lightning? But as much as he begged, lightning refused to strike him. Emotionally upset, Zuko finally gave up.

Eventually, Zuko and his uncle continued on their journey. After making a pit stop for Iroh to have a group meeting with the White Lotus club, they made their way to Ba Sing Se. Iroh was excited, but also sad. He had spent 600 days trying to break into the impenetrable city. He would have been successful if his son, Lu Ten hadn't died and caused him so much grief that he gave up the war and returned home with his men. Zuko, on the other hand, thought his uncle was crazy for wanting to settle down in the capital of the Fire Nation's main enemy.

On the ship to Ba Sing Se, Zuko met a man named Jet who liked to take from the rich and give to the poor. When Jet asked for Zuko's help in acquiring food that wasn't rotten, Zuko agreed. Still, when the act was done and Zuko and the other refugees had delicious food, Zuko refused Jet's invitation to join his group on the grounds of them not wanting "someone like him" in their group. He was Fire Nation and he remembered how badly Lee and his family had treated him because of that; why take the chance again, especially when they were going to settle down? Besides, Zuko didn't particularly enjoy stealing all the time.

Once in Ba Sing Se, a tea peddler sold Iroh some cold, disappointing tea. Iroh remedied this by firebending the tea to make it hot. Jet saw the tea was suddenly hot, as did Zuko who smacked the tea out of his uncle's hands, calling the action stupid.

They took on jobs at a tea house, which Iroh immediately went about making changes to so that the tea and atmosphere was delicious. Zuko was frustrated and felt trapped in a prison. He wanted more out of life than to serve tea. While the two worked at the tea house, Jet made various attempts expose Zuko and Iroh as Firebenders but failed each time. Eventually, Jet challenged Zuko to a duel. Zuko accepted. Dai Li, Earth Kingdom special agents, broke up the fight. Because no one had ever seen Zuko or Iroh firebend apart from Jet, no one believed Jet's claim that they were Firebenders. The Dai Li hauled Jet off to jail.

A while later, Zuko noticed a girl who often came to the tea house gave him Looks all the time. Worried that she might be suspicious of him and his uncle, Zuko told Iroh about it, who laughed and told Zuko it was obvious the girl who only had a crush on him. Iroh asked the girl to introduce herself. She gave her name, Jin, and immediately asked if Zuko would like to go out. Before Zuko could decline, Iroh said yes for him. Thanks, Uncle. Thanks.

Iroh spent ten minutes slicking down Zuko's hair which Jin quickly ruffles back into place. The two have a very, very awkward date with exchanges like "What do you do for fun?" "Nothing." When asked why he wad been traveling, Zuko claimed to be from a traveling circus and that he was a juggler. When Jin asked him to juggle, he tried and it all fell on his head. Jin took Zuko to a fountain area, assuring Zuko it was beautiful when the lights were all lit. To her dismay, the lights weren't lit that night. Seeing how sad she was, Zuko asked Jin to close her eyes and not to peek. He lit the lamps with firebending then gave her permission to open her eyes. Jin was overjoyed. At the end of the date, she gave him a kiss, but Zuko only briefly returned it before practically running away. Iroh welcomed him home, but Zuko stormed into his room. When Iroh asked how the date had been, Zuko opened the door to his room a crack and said quietly and calmly that it had been nice.

Later, Zuko found a flier saying that a sky bison which belonged to the Avatar was lost. Zuko immediately formulated a plan to kidnap the sky bison and the Avatar. He made a bit of a deduction and, wearing his Blue Spirit getup, eventually found the sky bison. He was ready to steal it when his uncle approached from behind him. Iroh pretended not to know it was Zuko in the mask, though Iroh had known it was him for a long time, probably long before the rumors spread. Iroh pointed out to Zuko that once again he wasn't thinking things through. Sure, Zuko could steal the bison, but then what would he do? It was just like the North Pole when Zuko was forced to endure a blizzard. After he realized his uncle was right, Zuko freed the sky bison from its confinement and left with his uncle. Iroh convinced Zuko to do away with the identity of The Blue Spirit and Zuko dropped the mask into the water.

As Zuko soon found out, his decision to no longer pursue the Avatar put his mind and body in conflict. Upon returning home, he collapsed with a fever. While Iroh cared for him, Zuko suffered terrible hallucinations. The most notable of the hallucinations was of Azula and Iroh in the shape of dragons, giving him conflicting advice: stay loyal to the Fire Nation or choose his own path and regain his own honor.

Once Zuko's fever subsided, he became incredibly optimistic. He was happy to work in his uncle's new tea house and no longer minded the fact he had to live a quiet, peaceful life. Iroh's tea house was doing so well that he received an "invitation" to go to the Earth Kingdom Palace to get a reward. Zuko was cheerful and proud of his uncle. When they arrived at the Earth Kingdom Palace, they were surprised that it was a trap. Azula had gained control of the Earth Kingdom's Dai Li agents. Iroh and Zuko managed to fight most of them off. Instead of being smart and escaping with his uncle, Zuko chose to duel Azula on his own. The duel didn't never started; Azula ordered the Dai Li to arrest Zuko.

He was thrown into the Crystal Catacombs. To his surprise, he had company: Katara. To no one's surprise, Katara didn't trust Zuko. She angrily explained how the Fire Nation took her mother away; Zuko calmed her down by telling her that that was something they had in common. Zuko had been chasing the Avatar for so long that when Katara pictured the enemy, she said she pictured Zuko's face, making him feel self-conscious about his scar. Katara offered to try and heal his scar with the water from the Spiritual Oasis from the North Pole, but before she could do so, the Avatar and Iroh came bursting into the room. Fueled by anger and frustration, Zuko and Aang lashed out at each other and needed to be restrained by Iroh and Katara respectively.

Katara and the Avatar left and Iroh tried to dissuade Zuko from following. Azula decided to interrupt Iroh by ordering the Dai Li to encase Iroh in crystal. Just like in Zuko's hallucination, Azula and Iron gave conflicting advice. Regain his honor by hunting the Avatar for the Fire Nation or regain his own honor his own way, on his own path and for himself. Zuko chose the former.

Zuko caught up to the Avatar and he and his sister had a 2 vs 2 match with the Avatar and Katara. Azula dealt the Avatar a devastating blow. Iroh then arrived on the scene to block Zuko and Azula from doing any more damage. Katara used the Spirit Water once she was out of sight on the wound to revive the Avatar and managed to escape. Once they were gone, Iroh immediately stopped fighting and surrendered.

Zuko and Azula went to the Earth Kingdom Palace where Zuko admitted that he felt as if he betrayed Iroh. Azula reassured him that it was Iroh who betrayed him, but Zuko didn't seem so sure of that. Azula told her brother that on that day, Zuko restored his own honor, Avatar or no Avatar.

Iroh was taken back to the Fire Nation and put into prison while Zuko returned to the Fire Nation with his sister. Zuko was unsure as to how his father would react to him and even more unsure as to whether or not the Avatar survived. Much to his surprise, his father welcomed him quite warmly. His father congratulated him for delivering the the final blow to the Avatar. It was then that Zuko knew what his sister had planned—by giving all the credit to Zuko, if the Avatar survived, Zuko's glory would turn to shame. When Zuko confronts his sister about this, Azula acts as if Zuko's worrying too much and insists everything is fine. After all, not too long ago, Zuko admitted he thought the Avatar had been killed by Azula's attack. His paranoia led him to hire a man who would latter be known as Combustion Man to hunt down and kill the Avatar.

With no one else to turn to, Zuko turned to his uncle and visited him several times in prison. Iroh, saddened by Zuko straying from the path of goodness, did not help him, even after Zuko brought food to his uncle. Zuko, Azula and her friends were forced to go on a vacation at Ember Island while Fire Lord Ozai held a restricted meeting. Zuko tried several times to impress Mai, offering her a seashell because it was pretty and it reminded him of her and later, he bought her an ice cream which he accidentally spilled onto her leg.

When Zuko and the group were invited to a party on the island, Zuko became slightly paranoid and jealous whenever a man would talk to Mai. He exploded over the smallest things and in short had lost any semblance of a controlled temper he once had. Mai called him out on his behavior, but Zuko only redirected his anger toward her, saying it was better to be angry than to be like Mai and feel absolutely nothing. Frustrated, Mai informed Zuko that it was over between them.

Zuko left the party, though he was about to be thrown out anyway, and went to his family's old vacation home. The memories and familiar artifacts did nothing but depress him further. Azula found him and asked him to come with her down to the beach.

It was there where Zuko finally lost his temper even further. He admitted that he was mad. When Azula and her friends asked him who he was mad at or why, he said he didn't know. Finally, he screamed he was angry with himself because he didn't know right from wrong anymore. Azula called him pathetic, but Mai told Zuko she cared about him and kissed him.

One day, Zuko received a message scroll telling him he needed to learn about the demise of his great-grandfather. When he asked Azula about it, she told Zuko that their great-grandfather Sozin passed away peacefully in his sleep. Unconvinced, since the message said "demise" and not "death," Zuko did a bit more investigating and came across his great-grandfather Sozin's Final Testament. It was though that testament that he learned his great-grandfather Sozin who started the war had been friends with Avatar Roku, the Avatar previous to the current Avatar, Aang. He also learned that Avatar Roku had been his mother's grandfather, while Sozin had been his father's grandfather. Knowing the message must have come from his uncle, he confronted Iroh about it. Iroh explained he could choose Sozin's path, the path of destruction, or Avatar Roku's path, the path of balance. Iroh then gave Zuko a royal artifact, a hairpiece meant to be worn by the Crown Prince.

Zuko spent time mulling things over and also spent time with his now steady girlfriend Mai. Mai informed Zuko there was a meeting in the War Room that Azula would be attending. Since Zuko hadn't known about it, he assumed he hadn't been invited and began to feel gloomy again. Mai tried to cheer him up, but failed. As it turned out, he had been invited; his father even saved Zuko a seat at his right hand. During that meeting, Zuko learned of his father's attack to use Sozin's Comet to destroy the Earth Kingdom permanently. Unlike last time, Zuko was too afraid to speak out against this plan; he had already learned his lesson. Such inaction made Zuko feel like he wasn't himself and therefore not the person or son Ozai wanted.

Zuko decided that the path he needed to take was clear: he would join Team Avatar and help defeat his father and end the war. He left a note to Mai apologizing for leaving, then went to confront his father to tell him about his plans. Ozai was obviously not very happy. Zuko learned from his father that he had banished his wife Ursa for treasonous acts. Ozai told Zuko that Fire Lord Azulon had ordered Ozai to kill Zuko because Ozai had requested he be made Crown Prince instead of Iroh. Ursa stepped in and whatever actions she took resulted in Azulon's death, Zuko's survival, her own banishment and Ozai being made Fire Lord. Eventually, Ozai created lightning and shot it at Zuko, knowing it would most likely kill him, as Ozai felt banishment simply wasn't a steep enough penalty as he had learned by banishing his wife and his son. Thankfully, Zuko was able to redirect the lightning thanks to Iroh taking the time to teach him.

When he left to free his uncle from the prison, the guards told him Iroh had busted himself out. Disappointed, but glad his uncle was all right, Zuko made his way to track down Team Avatar so he could ask to join them.

Zuko located them at the Western Air Temple, which was ironically where he had begun his search for the Avatar three years ago. He practiced his introduction on a toad, which came out with stuttering and saying things that were unlikely to get them on his side, such as: "I have a lot of firebending experience, and I'm considered to be pretty good at it. Well, you've seen me... you know, when I was attacking you?"

When he finally gathered the courage to introduce himself to the group, only one person was willing to hear him out: Toph, the blind Earthbender who had taught the Avatar earthbending. The group chased Zuko away after he accidentally told them it was him who had hired Combustion Man. He left feeling defeated, but remained at the temple.

Later that night, Toph sought Zuko out, feeling that he had been sincere. She woke him and because she didn't reveal herself right away, Zuko firebended in an act of self-defense. This burned Toph's feet, essentially making her unable to see anything at all since she used her feet and earthbending to find her way around. Toph tried to escape, but Zuko chased after her, furiously apologizing and telling her it was a mistake, yet Toph got away and Zuko was left feeling more frustrated than ever.

Combustion Man came to say hello the next day. Zuko arrived just in time. He threatened not to pay Combustion Man if he kept attacking the Avatar; when that didn't work, Zuko offered double the money if he stopped. That didn't work either, so Zuko, along with Team Avatar, brought Combustion Man down together. This cemented the fact that Zuko was on their side and he was allowed to join their group, although some people like Katara only allowed him entrance grudgingly. Zuko couldn't blame Katara for feeling the way she did, especially after he played the part of a traitor in the Crystal Catacombs. Either way, they needed Zuko to teach the Avatar firebending and had no one else they could go to.

When Zuko does begin to train the Avatar, his firebending skills have gone kaput. Though he was performing the correct forms, the strongest fire he could make was a tiny flame. This encourages Zuko to go with Aang to the Sun Warriors' home to learn about the source of firebending. There, together with the Avatar, he learned that firebending's source is not anger and hate as the Fire Nation had been teaching, but rather energy and life. Because Zuko had been drained of his anger and hate with his decision to join the Avatar, that was why he could no longer produce strong firebending. However, with the new mindset of energy and life, he and the Avatar were able to produce powerful fire.

Zuko proves his changed attitude once again by accompanying Sokka, a non-bender and Katara's sister who was part of Team Avatar, to the Boiling Rock. That was where the worst criminals were and Zuko and Sokka hopped to find Sokka's father there as a war prisoner. Zuko was surprisingly patient the whole time and encouraged Sokka to think things through entirely, which didn't exactly happen. In the end, Zuko and Sokka returned to Team Avatar with Sokka and Katara's father as well as Sokka's girlfriend Suki who had been in the prison as well. It was also at the Boiling Rock that Zuko learned how deeply Mai loved him. Mai turned on Azula while Zuko and the others were making their escape because she loved Zuko more than she feared Azula.

Despite all of Zuko's acts of kindness, Katara was still unwilling to completely trust Zuko. Because Sokka was Katara's sister, Zuko went to him for advice and asked Sokka to tell him about how his and Katara's mother died. When Sokka told him what he remembered of the naval ships, Zuko knew who had killed Katara's mother. The Avatar told Katara that it was best to let her anger go and that violence wasn't the answer, but Katara and Zuko both ignored him. Together, Zuko and Katara made their way to find the man who killed Katara's mother. When the time came to end the man's life, Katara found she couldn't do it. Upon their return back to Team Avatar, Zuko admitted that the Avatar was right; Katara needed release, not violence or revenge.

Team Avatar had by then made their base on Ember Island in Zuko's old vacation home since no one would ever look there for them. There, they learned that a play was being put on by the Ember Island Performers called The Boy in the Iceberg. Apparently, the play was meant to be an accurate portrayal of Team Avatar's journey, but it was made by the Fire Nation so the Avatar was obviously not going to beat the Fire Lord.

The group watched and all but Toph had negative responses to the play. It was difficult for Zuko to watch the play because his portrayal was fairly accurate and it shoved all of the mistakes he had made in the past right back into his scarred face. It made him feel worse than he already did about betraying his uncle and made him realize that Iroh had been more of a father figure to Zuko than Ozai had ever been.

Toph talks alone with Zuko, telling him that Iroh really loved Zuko. She had had a few conversations with Iroh and told Zuko that the only thing Iroh would talk about was Zuko this and Zuko that. She said she found it annoying, but sweet. That cheered Zuko up a bit.

Then space.

Zuko starts out as a hot-headed banished prince who rarely thinks things all the way through and ends up as a cool, level-headed and honorable banished prince who only sometimes doesn't think things through. Throughout the entire series, Zuko maintains some semblance of honor; he consistently helps people who need it. However, if the situation called for it, Zuko stole from others to provide for himself and his uncle so they wouldn't die. As Zuko grew emotionally and matured, he provoked others more infrequently and always firmly stood his ground.

He still has somewhat of a temper by the end, but it only emerges when provoked or when the situation calls for it. He also retains a no-nonsense attitude the entire series. Also demonstrated throughout the entire series was Zuko's ability as a skilled strategist, where he was able to use nearly anything and any situation to his advantage. When he does find need to do crafty things like steal or breaking-and-entering, Zuko isn't the kind of person to leave behind evidence.

Honor-wise, in the end, Zuko feels he has finally made the choices that would make his uncle proud, though he made many mistakes along the way. Zuko is proud of the man he came to be but regretful of how long it took to become that man. He grew to be someone reliable and dependable, whose heart had become purer and longed for a bright future.

Despite of this, Zuko is still an awkward teenager. He isn't always great at getting his point across, especially when it's about something he's unfamiliar with (flirting and girls in general) or when he's trying to atone for his past mistakes (getting the Avatar and the group to allow him entrance so he can teach Firebending). However, when the time calls for it, Zuko can be quite the inspirational speaker, as seen at the end of the series when Zuko becomes Fire Lord.

tl;dr version of Zuko's life

Have you read up on how the game works?: No. But I can guess! I bet you can make money through missions, by stealing it or by starting a business! Oh, and I bet the Guide plug-in that allows characters to communicate with each other is called the FlamingFerret. That sounds like the perfect name for such a plug-in!

1st person sample: [ Video ]

Okay, everyone. Listen up!

[ Zuko's wearing a cute frilly apron (which he is not happy about wearing). He gestures to a wide variety of miniature ice sculptures in front of him. ]

Lee's Ice Sculpture Emporium is selling custom-made ice sculptures for anyone who wants them. The starting price is 1,200 Credits, which... okay, that's kind of expensive. But if you're going to spend money on something that'll melt in just a couple of hours, you—

[ Apparently Zuko's boss just whacked him upside the head. Oh, right. He's supposed to be selling them, not criticizing them. ]

—right. So, they're nice and the craftmanship is pretty exquisite.

[ He stares at them, at a loss for further description. They're made of ice and they're well-made; what more do you want from him?! ]

Well, just have a look for yourself.

[ Carefully picking one up and giving the cute Hula Skirt Girl Ice Sculpture a closeup. ]

As you can see, even if they only last for a few hours, they'll make a nice gift to—

[ Whacked again. Zuko groans and whirls around to his off-screen boss. ]

Cut it out! I already said they're nice! If they didn't melt so soon I'd probably get one for myself!

[ Speaking of melting, the ice sculpture Zuko had been holding has melted. Silly Firebender. ]

3rd person sample:

A year ago, he had been an angry, confused boy who lost his temper at the slightest problem. It took many mistakes and failures to get where he was today, but he was proud of the man he was now. This was the path his uncle had been talking about; choosing his own destiny instead of having his destiny chosen for him. Even though it had only been a few weeks since he had made the firm decision to leave the Fire Nation and help the Avatar defeat his father, his misplaced anger had already left him.

There were things he was still bitter about, such as his father's treatment of himself and his mother, but Zuko knew it would fade with time and training. Knowing that the bitterness would eventually ease and disappear made getting through each day a little easier and he was thankful his uncle had taught him such great wisdom.

But if only he could thank his uncle.

While Zuko was sure of nearly everything else about himself, the one thing he remained unsure of was how his uncle would treat him if they ever saw each other again. Zuko knew he had disappointed him; surely his uncle would be angry with him, maybe even furious. His uncle had played the part of a father far better than the Fire Lord ever had, and in return, Zuko had betrayed him so terribly. In a way, Zuko felt he was just as bad as his own father in that regard.

At the first opportunity, Zuko would drop to his knees and beg for his uncle's forgiveness. Although he knew his uncle was a kind, forgiving man, the fact that he had loved Zuko so much only to be betrayed by him... If he and his uncle switched places, Zuko would find it difficult to forgive his uncle. He felt as if he wasn't worthy of his uncle's forgiveness, but even so he hoped he would be able to earn that forgiveness in due time.

With a deep breath, Zuko pulled himself away from such thoughts. That was another thing he had to work on: letting such depressing thoughts cloud his mind. As important as finding his uncle was, allowing those negative thoughts to take refuge in his mind wouldn't help anyone. He didn't want to allow those thoughts to tear him down and knock back his progress on the path to becoming a better man.

Questions?: SO MANY QUESTIONS. How would Zuko's Firebending work on the Thor? It relies on the sun, which is a star, but there are stars all over and... /THROWS HANDS UP IN AIR. What would you rather have me do? Not let him firebend (or be unable to do it well?) while on the Thor or...? I guess because the stars are so far away (please do not crash into a star, Thor) that he could... smokebend instead? No fire, but all the fail firebending. But Zuko can also get energy for his firebending from heat sources (like volcanoes or... a space heater?)


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